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Money Saving Tips for your Moving Day or Relocation.

relocationguide contributorBy Doug Davis

1. Get 3 estimates from moving companies, and understand what is covered by your insurance company and what is not before signing the contract. You may not save money if your items end up damaged.

2. Ask your moving company about "consolidated shipping". This is when your shipment travels across country with another customers', giving you a greatly reduced rate.

3. Get rid of any and all items you don't use, need or want any more. The less stuff you move for your relocation, the less money you'll spend. Hold a garage sale and earn money!

4. Do as much of the packing yourself, leaving only the loading and driving to the moving company, this could save money on your moving bill. And to stay green try getting your boxes from someone like Used Cardboard Boxes Inc.

5. If you do it yourself, rent a long moving van for a few hundred dollars, round up as many of your strong buddies as you can, supply thirst-quenching drinks and a satisfying meal at the end.

6. Re-use cardboard boxes from retailers, just make sure they're in good condition. If your belongings fall out the bottom, you didn't save money.

7. Traveling across country? Arrange to stay in the same hotel along your trip, as a frequent guest you may receive a free night by the end of the trip