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Moving Resources.

moving services, movers, trucking, moving companiesNow that you have gotten in the mindset of moving, wouldn't it be helpful to find resources that would assist you with all the decisions you'll need to make for your relocation? Wouldn't it be nice to have articles from professionals in the business giving you advice about your move? Wouldn't it be nice to find calculators to use for finding salaries for your profession where you are planning to relocate to? Or maybe a cost of living calculator where your new job is?

In order to make sure you get the job of moving and relocating done right, unlike our friend here in the picture, take advantage of this moving resource page.

Free Moving Quote

Have you decided to hire a mover for your relocation? Click here to get a free Moving Quote and read 8 tips for moving stress-free.

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online shoppingThat's right! RelocationGuide has just added a new section for shopping but we've also added reviews of our advertisers websites. We are really excited about this new feature as it gives you the opportunity to shop name brand hand selected advertisers. Our advertisers are selected to provide you with products and services that will make your relocation and move easier, smoother, and provide you with some fun items for your new home, apartment or condominium.

Free Moving Box Labels

Free labels to tag you moving boxes. Includes your name, what room the box goes in, box number in sequence, and what it contains. Can be printed on Avery Labels #5164 or just printed out and taped to boxes. You'll need to make sure that the "page scaling" is turned off when you print.

Tip: Do not write valuables on any labeled box that goes with the shipper or mover!

Mortgage Calculator

Click here to access a Mortgage Calculator based on Mortgage amount, Mortgage term, years to pay off, and interest rate. There also is an area you can add variables to your payments and show how soon it will be paid off.

House Affordability Calculator

How much house can you afford? Based on your income and debits, click here for a calculator that tells you how much house can you afford.