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8 Tips for Moving Stress-Free.

relocationguide contributerBy Karen Denker

Making the move to a new home can be a very exciting, but extremely overwhelming time. There are so many steps to take and important things to consider when getting ready to shift your life from one place to another. What will you do first? How do I find a long distance moving company? Perhaps the most important thing you can do is have a budget. You can easily do this with one of the many online moving cost calculators.

It is also important to remember moving takes much more time and effort than we think it will, so the more things done in advance, the better. Start planning early and stay organized is the key.

Planning should begin with a master list of moving action items complete with the steps to take before, during and after your actual move. The tips below focus on the pre-move part of your relocation. This is the most critical part of the planning process, and if followed, these steps can help alleviate much of the moving day anxiety and allow for a smooth transition into your new home.

Secure Your Movers

Moving companies work hard to promote their services and book jobs. Don't assume they will automatically be available on the date and time you need them. Compare movers and make arrangements for binding estimates as soon as your lease is signed or offer accepted. Be sure to ask about moving insurance.

Determine storage needs

If you plan to store belongings, scout out which facilities are convenient to your home, office, or location most accessible to your needs. Like movers, these may not be available if you wait. Most storage companies offer 24-hour access, climate controlled units and insurance for your possessions.

Decide what stays and what goes

Moving is a great time clean house. Donate or sell items that you are ready to part with early, so you don't end up paying movers to transport these items.

Purchase your boxes

It's never too early to start packing. Get sturdy, good quality boxes to pack up your possessions. It's worth it to order a moving box package from your moving company that includes specialized containers for items like dishes, picture frames, clothing and books.

Set up your change of address

This can be done online at or in person at a local post office. You can choose the start date to forward mail, so knock this out early and you won't have to worry if your bills and personal information is sitting in your old mailbox.

Start and stop all applicable utilities

Moving is a great time to get deals on new or existing utility services. Most gas and power companies offer lower rates when locking in for 1-2 years. Shop and compare online which services are available at your new address and set up the installations for a few days prior to your move (if possible).

Stay Connected

Let's face it, while gas and power are necessities on move in day, so are TV, telephone service and Internet. Many cable companies offer bundled packages with competitive rates when you receive cable, Internet and phone. Start online and compare what you want against what's available at your new address. Book your service with the start date a few days prior to your move, so you can watch TV as you unpack.

Review Security Needs

There is nothing more important that piece of mind. Have a security monitoring company give you an assessment before you move into your new place. Sliding glass door in the basement? They may have inexpensive solutions to consider. Full monitoring may include access to fire and medical services in addition to the police.