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Mistakes To Avoid When Moving...
Since You've Been Relocated.

relocationguide contributorBy Doug Davis


1. Start early. Don't save everything for the last minute because it always takes longer than you think. If you're rushed your possessions won't be packed safely or organized by room.

2. Keep good records. Start out organized with inventory forms, lists, receipts and records all in one notebook or binder. Your move may be tax deductible or can be expensed by your company and you could be reimbursed.

3. Don't skimp. If you think you'll save money by moving yourself, figure in all the factors and brain damage and sore backs before your final decision.

4. Don't take it all. If there are still items in boxes from your last move, chances are you don't need them. Take the time to declutter and clean out. Sell things on eBay, hold a garage sale, donate to charity. You'll not only gain space, you gain extra money for the move.

5. Label boxes. If your Moving Boxes aren't marked clearly, the unloading could be confusing. In large lettering or preprinted packing labels, mark which room the box should go, and whether it's fragile or not. Inside each box include a list of its contents so you don't need to rifle through looking for something.

6. Don't ship it all. Bring certain things yourself such as delicate family heirlooms, valuables, or important documents. Though the chances are good everything will arrive safely and intact, accidents could happen so for piece of mind certain things should go with you, not in the truck. Be sure to pack a suitcase with extra clothes so you're not left short unexpectedly.

7. Stay energized. Allow extra time before the utilities are shut off, if you underestimate you may be scrambling to get them turned back on and possibly paying extra to do so.