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Choosing The Right School

A big part of the move.

Inspect Before You Buy

Guide to inspections.

Inspection Checklist

Don't buy a home without it.

5 Kitchen Trends

Remodel ideas for the kitchen.

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relocationA large part of the moving process and relocation process is finding a home that fits your needs in the right community. The RelocationGuide home & community information library is intended to help and inform you on how to find that "just right" home. But of course there may be upgrades needed. Kitchen and bath equipment, new lighting, new flooring, garden and lawn supplies are all things you may need to think about before and after you've moved.

And there is the new community to think about. What amenities are available? What kind of schools are there? Are there doctors and hospitals close by? Public transportation? Are there good parks nearby? What type of civic organizations are available to join? These are all good questions and you can get information on how to search these things in this library.



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5 Kitchen Trends When Remodeling.

By Doug Davis

The perfect custom kitchen design can be suited to your every dream and needs of you and your family, and also to be able to fit the boundaries of your budget.

Choosing the Right Schools for Your Children.

By Jamie Kimbrough

For many families, a move to a new state or community means making difficult choices. Choosing from among the wide array of options of appropriate day care for younger children or schools for the older ones can be a complex and time-consuming chore. Read more about choosing the right schools for your children here.