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6 Steps To Relocating Your Horse

Locate an appropriate new home for your horse.


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Relocation & Moving InformationA move is rough on animals. They're used to the environment in which they roam - chasing rabbits and prowling after squirrels. So when you put them into a car or on a plane to set up digs in a new place or place them into a trailer for a long journey, they don't always take it that well. But for the most part, pets just want to be with their owners. So if you pay them some loving attention, they'll take the commute to the new home OK. The articles in this catagory should help to answer some of the questions when relocating an animal, big or small.



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6 Steps To Relocate Your Horse.

By Susan Tinder

If you are relocating and moving your family and that family move includes a horse, you have just intensified the experience.