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Relocation & Moving Money Saving TipsRelocationGuide offers shopping for general services that vary from help finding information about local service providers to finding extra help around the house, to finding a contractor in you newly relocated city. Everyone needs help after a relocation because you may be unfamiliar with the area and these services can help you before your move and help you when your settled in.

Hire a Helper.

Lets face it, sometimes you can't do the relocation and move all by yourself. That's where Hire a Helper comes in. They offer 4 catagories that include help moving, cleaning help, lawn help, and day labor. The site is layed out excellent and on the first page is a widget where you input the type of help you need, your area code and the date and it gives you back multiple vendors along with their rates. Then you can click to get a quote. What could be easier? The other thing RelocationGuide likes is a review section. I believe this will insure good quality as no one wants a bad review. The site is clean and easy to navigate with lots of helpful info to help you make an informed selection.

Angie's list.

Try Angie's List!Angie's List is a membership based list where you'll find thousands of unbiased reports and reviews about service companies in your area. The membership fee is very reasonable and RelocationGuide likes that members share their experiences with each other so that you can choose the service company that's right for your job the first time around. With catagories in home, outdoor, health, and much more, you can't go wrong getting opinions of consumers who have used the service you are looking for.


Find a contractor helps homeowners get matched to local home improvement contractors and is America's premier contractor referral service. You can get quotes for home remodeling projects, or installs and replacements, or just small projects and repairs. RelocationGuide likes the "From The Reliable Remodeler" section that has advice, trends, and more.


MiNeeds - Get Competitive Bids on Your Needs MiNeeds provides an open marketplace for shopping local services such as wedding coordinators, attorneys, movers, or contractors. This puts more power in consumers' hands than ever before. With MiNeeds, consumers save time and money by receiving competitive bids and make an educated decision by viewing reviews, credentials, and past earnings of service professionals. RelocationGuide likes the simplicity by posting your need, receive bids and hire quality.