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Moving & Real Estate ServicesStarting early and taking good inventory. That's key to a successful move. And just as important is having good supplies to protect you personal belongings in a move, especially if you decide to move yourself. Your belongings are your most emotionally valuable factor of your relocation, they deserve the utmost care to ensure safe arrival. Although liquor store boxes work (they even made a song about that) supplies from vendors made specifically for moving ensures that safe arrival.

Moving Boxes & specializes in moving boxes and supplies. They offer low prices, fast service, and free nationwide shipping in the U.S. A great feature they offer is their moving kits that are based on how many bedrooms. RelocationGuide likes getting a complete package like that.

Used Cardboard Boxes, Inc. takes an innovative approach to providing low-cost, earth friendly moving boxes. They rescue truckloads of quality used boxes. They also have boxkits so you can get the job done with minimal time. In September of 2009 they were named finalist for green business of the year. The site is very easy to navigate and RelocationGuide likes free shipping on all orders. is an online retailer of adhesive tape products. They currently have over 350 tape products available for purchase on the site which works out over 3,000 unique variations that can be bought when you take into consideration all the unique color and width combinations a product may be offered in. That's a lot of tape! RelocationGuide likes their advanced Tape Finder application so a user can filter tapes by color, width, temperature, adhesiveness, brand, etc. For example a user can see all red paper tapes offered in 1/2" width.

BoxKits offers moving boxes and moving supplies delivered fast. RelocationGuide likes their site. Just click on the big american flag.