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Moving & Real Estate ServicesThere are a lot of good deals out there right now for buying a new home in your new location. If you are about to be relocated and have to move we would suggest going thru our advertisers here and seeing what kind of real estate deals can be found. Also we've provided advertisers who offer products and services that will make that move much easier, freeing you up to focus on the new relocation. Like our buddy in the picture, finding a great deal in real estate always makes us want to dance.


Find Foreclosures with RealtyStore.comForeclosures is a hot topic today in the real estate industry. is a provider of foreclosure information and they have the premier database fo foreclosure properties, which sell for much less the "ordinary" homes (up to 50% less according to industry reports. The site is clean and very easy to navigate. One of the features RelocationGuide likes is the ability to enter your email and area code and they will give you foreclosure alerts in the area you wish. A very handy tool if you have time to plan your relocation. .


One of our favorites here at In the United States, nearly 30 million people move every year and they have one thing in common - they have to complete a change of address request with the U.S. Post Office if they want their mail to get forwarded from their old address to their new home. My Change Address is one of the places that users can securely and quickly complete a change of address request online. The site says 3 steps, 2 Minutes. RelocationGuide likes how easy the process is. Auctions offers over 1.2 million property listings updated daily and represents thelargest and most up-to-date bargain home buying opportunity online. The site listings include preforclosures, sheriff sales, foreclosures, bankruptcies, etc. RelocationGuide likes their offer of the learning center, tools, training, and a free newsletter.


RealtyTrac Realtytrac publishes over 1 million properties from nearly 2,500 counties nationwide, and is the forclosure data provider to MSN Real Estate , Yahoo! Real Estate and The Wall Street Journal's Real Estate Journal. RelocationGuide likes the links they have on the site such as the buying process, or selling your home, or tools and services.