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Step 1: Finding a New Residence

Important to Your Relocation.

Step 2: The New Job

Financial Tips.

Step 3: Preparing For The Move

Planning is Key.

Step 4: Finding a Moving Company

Moving Company or Not?.

Step 5: Packing Your Belongings

The Utmost Care.

Step 6: Address Change

It Can Be a Smooth Process.

Step 7: Utilities

Don't be in the Dark.

Step 8: Moving In

What condition is Your New Home?.

Step 9: House Warming

Settling In.

Step 10: Take Time For Yourself

Time to Enjoy After All That Planning.

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10 Steps for a Successful Move and Relocation

relocationguide contributorBy Doug Davis

Step 2: The New Job


Financial Help.

Some employers offer financial help to relocate and may even offer to assist in the organizing and planning of your move. This may be in the form of a one-time payment that you will have to budget and arrange for yourself, and then pay the balance if you go over. Or, generous employers may hire companies to pack and move your belongings, paying the entire expense. Be sure to ask this up front before accepting the job.

Negotiate Relocation Assistance.

Relocation assistance may be negotiable. If you have a unique skill not found locally, or are an executive or senior employee, you may be able to ask for compensation as part of your benefits package.

Don't Need Financial Assistance?

If you don't need financial assistance moving, mention that briefly in your cover letter, because some employers will favor local candidates so they won't have to help with moving costs.

Don't Limit Your Job Search.

Don't limit your job search to only companies only willing to pay for your move. That reduces your opportunities, and you may miss out on the perfect job.