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Step 1: Finding a New Residence

Important to Your Relocation.

Step 2: The New Job

Financial Tips.

Step 3: Preparing For The Move

Planning is Key.

Step 4: Finding a Moving Company

Moving Company or Not?.

Step 5: Packing Your Belongings

The Utmost Care.

Step 6: Address Change

It Can Be a Smooth Process.

Step 7: Utilities

Don't be in the Dark.

Step 8: Moving In

What condition is Your New Home?.

Step 9: House Warming

Settling In.

Step 10: Take Time For Yourself

Time to Enjoy After All That Planning.

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10 Steps for a Successful Move and Relocation

relocate publisherBy Doug Davis

Step 8: Moving In

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Is It Clean and In Move-In Condition.

Before you put one box in your new home, see if it needs a fresh coat of paint, or the carpets cleaned. Is it in move-in and clean condition? You don't want to move into someone else's dirt and mess. And fix any problems or issues before the move, that relieves any worry and extra work after you move in.

Feed Those Guys.

To assure the movers you hired take extra care of your belongings, supply them with beverages and snacks, or even offer to buy them lunch. At only $10 each it's good insurance that they may go beyond what is normally expected in their job.

Moved Yourself?

If you are moving yourself, arrange for help from others for the large furniture and appliances. If you're lucky they will help with bringing in boxes and unpacking them as well. If you have hired movers, be sure to tip them - they've worked hard to get your belongings there safely.

Be Patient.

Unpacking and settling in takes a long time. Don't expect to get it all done right away. Take it one room at a time, and strategically place your belongings. Many times the first place you put something is where it will stay for years even if it's not the most logical.

The Pets.

If you own pets, this can be very stressful on them as well. Keep cats confined to one quiet room with food, water and litter box while you get the rest of the place in order. For the dog's introduction to the new home, already have his bed, food and water in place as well as familiar furniture. Arrange for a pet sitter to keep them company if you need to leave for any length of time. Lock away any cleansers, pesticides or poisons before hand. Walk your property to make sure screen doors are in proper condition and there's no escape routes in fences. And choose a veterinarian as soon as possible and know directions to get there in case of emergency.