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Step 1: Finding a New Residence

Important to Your Relocation.

Step 2: The New Job

Financial Tips.

Step 3: Preparing For The Move

Planning is Key.

Step 4: Finding a Moving Company

Moving Company or Not?.

Step 5: Packing Your Belongings

The Utmost Care.

Step 6: Address Change

It Can Be a Smooth Process.

Step 7: Utilities

Don't be in the Dark.

Step 8: Moving In

What condition is Your New Home?.

Step 9: House Warming

Settling In.

Step 10: Take Time For Yourself

Time to Enjoy After All That Planning.

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10 Steps for a Successful Move and Relocation

relocation guides contributorBy Doug Davis

Step 4: Finding a Moving Company

moving information

Does Using Moving Companies seem worth it?

If you're hoping to save money and move yourself, this may be fine if you're moving from a small apartment and don't have many belongings. But if you have a larger home or are traveling across country, factor in your time and heartache, plus the vehicle rental and gas, packing materials, and extra insurance, let alone finding strong buddies to help. You'll see movers are not that expensive, and well worth it. They have the experience and equipment to do the job correctly


Do your research. Check out a number of services online. Ask friends, family and neighbors for suggestions of who they used, and if they were pleased. Check the Better Business Bureau for that company. Request a list of the company's references, and call one or two for a referral. Ask how the company charges (miles, weight, distance). Finally choose one based on quotes, references and flexibility with your move date.

Get Estimates.

Get an Estimate. To budget for your move, it's important to get an accurate moving quote. When getting quotes from more than one company, make sure you give companies the exact information including how many rooms packed or an inventory list, schedule and the distance to destination, etc. Also ask about any third party arrangements, storage or additional liability coverage. To avoid unexpected costs, have a moving associate visit your home to make a visual inspection and give you a binding estimate.