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Step 1: Finding a New Residence

Important to Your Relocation.

Step 2: The New Job

Financial Tips.

Step 3: Preparing For The Move

Planning is Key.

Step 4: Finding a Moving Company

Moving Company or Not?.

Step 5: Packing Your Belongings

The Utmost Care.

Step 6: Address Change

It Can Be a Smooth Process.

Step 7: Utilities

Don't be in the Dark.

Step 8: Moving In

What condition is Your New Home?.

Step 9: House Warming

Settling In.

Step 10: Take Time For Yourself

Time to Enjoy After All That Planning.

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10 Steps for a Successful Move and Relocation

relocationguide authorBy Doug Davis

Step 9: House Warming

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Moved Near By?

If you haven't moved too far away, invite yours (and your children's) friends over for simple snacks while your house is still in disarray. Or plan a more organized cookout in a week or two giving you and the kids something to look forward to, and as incentive to unpack and settle in.

Moved Far Away?

If you've moved from a long ways away, pick a date and invite neighbors that you gradually meet for a get-to-know-you party. Ease your stress by asking them to bring a dish, and a copy of the recipe from your new friend.