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Step 1: Finding a New Residence

Important to Your Relocation.

Step 2: The New Job

Financial Tips.

Step 3: Preparing For The Move

Planning is Key.

Step 4: Finding a Moving Company

Moving Company or Not?.

Step 5: Packing Your Belongings

The Utmost Care.

Step 6: Address Change

It Can Be a Smooth Process.

Step 7: Utilities

Don't be in the Dark.

Step 8: Moving In

What condition is Your New Home?.

Step 9: House Warming

Settling In.

Step 10: Take Time For Yourself

Time to Enjoy After All That Planning.

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10 Steps for a Successful Move and Relocation

relocation publisherBy Doug Davis

Step 7: Utilities

moving information

Turning off or Transferring.

Forgetting to contact your utility company in advance could leave you in the dark or with no running water or phone/cable.

Local Moves.

For local moves, let them know your addresses and date of your move. Ask for utilities to be turned on in your new home the morning of your move, and shut off in the old residence at the end of the day. Your new home may have a different utility company even if you're only moving a short distance, so find that out in advance. If you are moving out of state, contact the utility companies in that area and arrange the best date and time of day for your utilities to be turned on.

Account Numbers.

Have account numbers ready for all your utilities, you will likely be asked for them. Companies on your list to call would include:
Cable provider
Telephone company
Gas company
Electricity company
Water company
If you are no longer using the same provider, you may be entitled to a deposit refund. Leave your new address so any payment can be mailed to you.